IBERMETAIS, was acquired by Fapricela in June 2007 not only to expand its range of products, but also with the conviction of being able to create a business hub in the wiredrawing industrial sector to enable it to strengthen the national leadership and have a significant international presence, representing the so-called Fapricela Industrial Group.

The intentions of the Group are transparent, currently aggregating these two companies, each company has its own expertise and the resources that work in association, envisaging the strengthening and enhancing of the wiredrawing industrial sector.

Taking advantage of the "know how" of Fapricela – Indústria de Trefilaria, S.A. and by assigning Ibermetais the manufacturing of new products or improving existing ones, new technologies, new manufacturing processes, new markets, including productive designing, distribution and marketing, thus enshrining a technological vanguard, the Fapricela Industrial Group demands itself a considerable effort of cooperation between companies where knowledge and innovation are necessary and indispensable attributes to the formation of competitiveness levels to be able to design products and services that have as a target not only the domestic market but, and especially international.

Summarizing the objectives of Fapricela Industrial Group, the consolidation of skills in innovation and increasing of the volume of exportations as a whole with a significant presence, are key features intended for the creation, development and sustainability in the industry where it operates.